Zimbabwe’s Mugabe To Die Suddenly, Says Prophet

A Walter Magaya linked South African based prophet has thrown fuel into the Mugabe death rumours after predicting this week that the 92 year old Zimbabwean President is about to depart from earth.

Speaking in front of more than 100 church members, the South African prophet bemoan the ‘persecution’ of PHD church founder Walter Magaya.

He blames Zimbabwe authorities and president Robert Mugabe for Magaya’s legal woes.

In a veiled message, the prophet indicated that 2016 ‘will be Mugabe’s last year on planet earth’.

Without giving clear dates, he says “from now until December, a leader in Zimbabwe, is going to face this.”

Those able to interpret coded religious messages suggest it is a clear message to say Mugabe will not see January 2017.

Walter Magaya was in court last month facing rape accusations following revelations that he raped a MSU student who also happened to be a member of his church.

Meanwhile there are unconfirmed reports suggesting that ‘Mugabe is very unwell’.

He abruptly cut short his visit to Swaziland and rushed to the far east this week for emergency medical attention.