Chief Reporter- Simba Moyo

Zimbabweans are fast running out of patience, the economy is at ruins, people cannot get what is due to them anymore, fallen heroes could be turning in their graves; ‘this is not what we fought for’ one fallen hero would be saying.

President Robert Mugabe on the other hand would tell them otherwise; ‘To all fallen heroes, I am pleased to inform you that we have realised what you died for. Our economy is on rebound path, we are shaming our detractors, who gave us sanctions because we have taken back our land.’

Meanwhile, the country’s citizens are singing from a different hymn book, they say the country has gone to the dogs, with corruption going unchecked, while human rights abuse is legalised, people disappearing without trace.

#Tajamuka secretary general Promise  Mkwananzi says citizens are fed up of the situation and would revolt again using social media, so as to force Mugabe’s government to feel for its citizens.

He warns the year 2017 is going to be a more robust year for the movement as it goes all-out to mobiles Zimbabweans towards social reforms and good governance.

“What they saw last year is just a drop in the ocean, we are going to re-ignite the spirit of the citizens and demand the government to sort out the current crisis that had led to people’s suffering,” he recently tells at a press conference conducted by social movements in Harare.

Mkwananzi says the country’s citizens have stopped fearing Mugabe’s brutality any further, and will this time re-organise themselves again and fearlessly express their displeasure over the way the country is being run.

According to Mkwananzi the social media movement is looking at how it can consolidate gains and engage Zimbabweans in and the Diaspora.

The group came into prominence when it facilitated the” stay away”  blockade of  July 6 2016 which resulted in Zimbabwe’s major cities and towns and business centres shutting down , people  staying at home and commuters buses not operating  for the day.

#Tajamuka together with other pressure including the Evan Mawarire’s #Thisflag, and the Vendors Union of Zimbabwe mobilized the citizens into carrying out protests and mass stay-aways across the country using social media as a mobilization tool.

As of last year, Mugabe faced citizens’ dismay for the first time since coming to power, as people lost patience over his mismanagement. Another civil organisation, #SheVote2018 that seeks to mobilise women voters ahead of the 2018 elections has added voice.

#SheVote2018 founding member Maureen Kademaunga echoed Mkwananzi’s sentiments saying it is high time citizens unite and demand accountability from their leaders.

Last year, civil displeasure saw Mugabe unleashing his riot police against the civilian protestors that resulted in loss of property, and injuries, the move was condemned by diplomatic missions in the country.