President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba says popular politician Nelson Chamisa cannot be a national leader, having turned down an offer.

Posting on one of his ghost X handles, donzamusoro007, Charamba said:

“WHAT CAN’T: Chamisa cannot be available as a NATIONAL LEADER; he can only be available as a PARTISAN, PARTY-LESS LEADER!!!!!

“The reason is simple: He turned down the offer of LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION IN PARLIAMENT, itself an elevated NATIONAL STATUS. Zvimwe zvese rangova drama zvaro!!!!!!”

Asked the following question by Joseph Samanyanga who said: “Did he qualify to be the leader of the opposition in Parliament, yet he was not a member of Parliament? You must be an MP to qualify for the post!

“Otherwise, he didn’t turn it down, the party appointed Tabitha Khumalo because Chamisa was not a member of Parliament.”

Charamba responded:

“I can share with you what the plan then was. Chamisa was going to get one of his MPs to cede a constituency to him in return for some ambassadorial posting.

“Chamisa would have got into Parliament on that basis, itself founded on mutual understanding between parties.

“The same idea had been agreed to with Tsvangirai although it got overtaken by GNU arrangements.

“There is always a way out, as you saw with Mwonzora who became that even though he had been outside Parliament!!!! Got it????”