UNIFREIGHT Africa says the suspension of import duty on basic commodities by the government could negatively impact its financial performance.

In a bid to combat soaring prices and address shortages of essential goods, Zimbabwean authorities a few months ago announced the suspension of import duties on basic commodities for a six-month period.

The move, was confirmed by Monica Mutsvangwa, the Minister of Publicity and Broadcasting Services, saying it aims to ensure the availability of essential items at competitive prices.

The decision came as the government grapples with the challenge of ensuring access to basic goods in both formal and informal retail sectors.

Additionally, efforts are being made to address issues surrounding the scarcity of change and unfair trading practices that have burdened consumers.

However, Unifreight says the move would have negative implications on its operations.

Unifreight Africa Limited is a transport holding company in Zimbabwe, offering services in logistics, freight and passenger services to clients in sub-Saharan Africa.

The company was re-named after the successful acquisition of Pioneer Corporation Africa Unifreight Africa Limited services include inter-city freight, distribution of general goods and an international courier service.

Its brands include Skynet Worldwide Express, Swift and Bulwark. The engineering division operates in two sectors; maintenance of its Unifreight fleet and sales and procurement of parts for Yutong busses, aswell as heavy haulage and abnormal freight transport.

Skynet Worldwide Express offers international and domestic courier and airfreight services.

Unifreight Africa Limited owns a fleet of vehicles which are available on a contract agreement or for once-off hire.