Zimbabwe born Amapiano musician Sha Sha seems to be in her “mysterious girl” era. This is as she teased a now contested engagement ring just last week. The post did not share any other details. The biggest of which would have been who is the man who put the ring on her finger. This is as for the most part, most of Sha Sha’s fan base is one she has created due to her musical pursuits with details about her private life being something she has consciously kept private.

As such, no details as to who the mystery man is. Possibly, the only time we might actually find out the identity of the mystery man is when Sha Sha shares her wedding pictures.

Following her “engagement ring”post, Sha Sha returned to social media to post herself in what can be assumed to be a wedding dress. Considering that the post comes off the back of the engagement, many of her fans were confused.

Currently, one of the fan-favourite tracks from the album is the Amapiano ballad Ungo Wami. Given that the track speaks to Sha Sha asserting that she believes she has found the one. Moreover, as the track has yet to be released as a stand-alone single, fans that do not want to believe that Sha Sha might officially be off the market, believe that the current social media roll out is for the music video and single.