President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s ally Uebert Angel has threatened to sue Al Jazeera over Gold Mafia scandal.

Angel through his lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku washed his hands on alleged wrongdoing saying the documentary that exposed him was a decoy he played to fool the enemy.

“We are certainly going to take action and sue Al Jazeera and others who “overreacted” on social media, said Professor Madhuku.

Apparently, after the documentary, a lot of people reached on social media calling for Angel’s arrest, and Madhuku says they should be sued.

However, Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa’s lawyer Thabani Mpofu says it is Angel who should be taken to court.

“Taken at its highest, this defence establishes criminal intent.

“On those occasions when he was not playing along, when he thought the guys were genuine, Uebert Angel demonstrated criminal intent.

“He must on the strength of his defence be arraigned before a criminal court,” he says.

Meanwhile, following the exposure, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe through the Financial Intelligence Unit launched a probe on Angel.