Two Kuwadzana Phase 3 Johanne Masowe eChishanu prophets have appeared in court following an altercation over a snake.

Madzibaba Matthew Matenga went to court seeking a protection order against his rival, Madzibaba Tongai Mandere, accusing him of insulting and threatening him.

Madzibaba Matthew also told the court that he was bashed in front of his congregants.

“He assaulted me with a stick in front of my church members, accusing me of prophesying illness in his family and calling out his family members’ names.

“He is also going around telling people that I am mentally ill and that I am not a true prophet,” said Madzibaba Matthew.

Madzibaba Tongai opposed the application saying he only approached him inquiring about a snake he killed at his (Madzibaba Tongai)shrine.

“I heard that he had killed a snake at my shrine and went to ask him where he put the snake.

“I did not assault him. I went to the community leaders and they said to me, ‘hauzivi here kuti Matenga anopenga’.”

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi asked Madzibaba Tongai what he wanted to do with the snake.

“Did you want to eat it,” the magistrate asked.

“We are worshippers and people want to know about the snake,” said Madzibaba Tongai.

Magistrate Chibindi dismissed the application and told Madzibaba Matthew that he should have reported the assault to the police.

Text/ Image: H Metro