Zimbabwe  reporter Richard Chidza (RC) spoke to Mutasa about his previous life as President Robert Mugabe’s closest ally and his new role as an opposition figure. Below are some mind boggling issues about 2008 election results.

Mutasa says Mugabe said it 3 times that Morgan Tsvangirai won 2008  presidential elections by 73% and it was not a slip of tongue as he(Mugabe) could not have allowed his tongue to slip more than 2 times.

Here is Mutasa’s take on the matter:

DM: I was joking with [Morgan] Tsvangirai [MDC-T leader] the other day that how could he run away from his victory

RC: You think he won the elections?

DM: Well, that is what the president said. He said it at a party meeting. I do not know why you did not hear it, that Tsvangirai won by 73%.

RC: We all thought it was a slip of the tongue.

DM: No it wasn’t, you cannot allow your tongue to slip three times in the process of saying something. He said it three times, that Tsvangirai won by 73%. That is what the man at the top is saying now. Why would I not believe it?