OPINION: There are those in the MDC who believe party leader Morgan Tsvangirai should take a bow on medical grounds but they have not come out to say it publicly because they fear it would be political suicide to do so as those who want Tsvangirai to hang on for their own selfish reasons will pull out a Zanupf Vote of no confidence. And Obert Gutu has called them saboteurs, issuing a chilling warning against them and their views. And these are people who claim to be democrats! You say what is on your mind and you are dealt with in one devastation.

Sadly there is not one democratic party in Zimbabwe. There might be freedom of thought but there is no freedom of expression. How can an MDC government allow freedom of expression when it doesn’t allow the same in its own ranks. If you are called a saboteur for having an opinion and a view inside the MDC what of outside the MDC?
Obert Gutu probably thinks Tsvangirai should step down himself and that’s why he goes overboard threatening others who think the same. He wants to make it seem as he loves Tsvangirai so much when he probably doesn’t.

Whoever loves Tsvangirai would worry a great deal about putting him to work in the state he is. Whoever loves Tsvangirai would tell him the truth no matter how much it hurts and especially when it hurts. Flattery that we usually witness in Zanupf is not love. You cannot say your best foot forward in a race is a man suffering from cancer and mean it wholeheartedly. You would obviously be lying for several reasons which have nothing to do with and far from the truth.

Only one man I respect and trust for the truth in the MDC and that is Job Wiwa Sikhala who recently revealed he would not be contesting for a parliamentary seat because he has served twice as an MP and is now giving others a chance.
Now that is a democrat and a man among men. That is the kind of language and thing most in the MDC do not want to hear, just like most in Zanupf.

The difference between the MDC and Zanupf is now mostly in name only as the MDC have adopted most of the behavior and characteristics of Zanupf. Those who tell the truth become enemies and saboteurs.

Do your part, serve and give others a chance to serve. Hazviite. Asi vanoti kune Zanupf give others a chance when they are not willing to do the same and react the same way as Zanupf when they are asked to do the same.

Zanupf as a ruling party and a mini Zanupf in the opposition. Zimbabwe loses either way. stanley goreraza