VP Mnangagwa seems to be short of patience with Grace Mugabe..,if he snaps, he could embarrass her

The president told the nation that the vice president was not poisoned but then the vice president comes out saying he was poisoned and the truth shall come out.

The first Lady accused the provinces of Midlands and Masvingo of being behind most of the factionalism ruining Zanupf but the vice president throws his weight behind the two provinces which he claimed were “sovereign ” and I don’t know if there’re sovereign from Zimbabwe or Zanupf. He also claimed Masvingo was the best province for Zanupf.

It seems the vice president has had it up to the nose with attacks from the other side of Zanupf and from his tone and language you can tell he is getting ready for war.

The vice president claims the late Shuvai Mahofa was poisoned and the same people who got Mai Mahofa were close to killing him as well only God saved him.

It’s going to be very interesting because the first lady is going to be pretty upset with the VP because it seems most of what he said was aimed at her.

What I know is when VP Mnangagwa is at home with his wife and the topic turns to the first lady and some of the things she has said about the VP, nothing pleasant comes out of both the mouths of the VP and his wife.
I often hear Marujjatta mentioned on social media and I’m pretty sure that’s her pet name in the Mnangagwa household.

If someone knows how the name Marujjatta came about I’d be grateful for the information.

The first lady had best watch her step and talk because VP Mnangagwa seems to be short of patience with her and if he snaps, he could embarrass her.
I suppose being called the very ugly name Judas by someone you have rescued many times would make you angry to the point of abandoning quiet diplomacy. stanley goreraza