Fungayi Moyana

A witch doctor ‘tsikamutand’a from Buhera was jailed and sentenced to 9 years in prison after stealing a beast and lying to his relatives that he was given the ox as a token of appreciation after performing a sacred ritual.

It is alleged that Kennedy Tawanda Munhuru(30) went in the middle of the night to Paul Tazviwana’s house in Tazviwana Village and stole a black ox.

Munhuru drove the ox drove to his in-laws homestead where he told them it was given to him as a gift after conducting a successful cleansing ceremony.

The accused sold the beast to Munyaradzi Manduzi the following day.

It was thunder in paradise when when Tazviwana’s son saw the black ox grazing in the forest with other cattle headed by Manduzi.

The boy went straight to report the matter to his father and Tazviwana immediately confronted Manduzi who spilled the beans that he bought the ox from Munhuru.

Sensing danger Munhuru fled from his homestead and was arrested on his way to Zaka-Jerera Growth Point.

The accused appeared before Magistrate Dennis Mangosi and was sentenced to 9 years in prison.