Rapper Tshego has taken aim at a man who allegedly touched his partner inappropriately over the weekend.

The “No Ties” star made it clear he is willing to die to protect the women in his life.

In a video posted on Instagram, the rapper sent out a strong message to men.

Sitting in what appears to be a home studio, Tshego started by saying: “I don’t know about you ni****, but I got a daughter, I have a girl, I have a full-time nanny, I’m the only ni*** in this house and I have three women I’m watching over.

“I have a sister and a mother. And, I don’t know about you ni****, but I know for sure that none of the women around me are going to experience any type of f*** s*** from you boys, not while I’m there.”

In the video, he explained how his partner had told him how a guy who had allegedly inappropriately touched her twice was now calling her.

Tshego said he immediately demanded to call the guy back.

However, because the guy was drunk and could not hold a conversation, he decided to post a message for him and any other guy who thinks it’s okay to go around harassing women.

“So I woke up this morning and I decided, you know what? No one is going to do this s*** to anyone I love. So I called my lawyer and asked what options I have.

“I asked if I can go public with this s***, because I wanna set a precedent and I wanna show ni**** that this f*** s*** is not gonna happen around me or my family, not around my daughter or the women in my family. It’s not gonna happen!” Tshego said.

He also added that he was disappointed to notice the trend of male friends being the ones to harass their female friends, which he felt was disgusting because these women trusted their male friends to look out for them.

Watch the full video below: