Police in Mazowe have arrested Ephius Makove (50), Anyway Murungweni (21) and Rangarirai Matyora (34) after they were found in possession of ZESA and TELONE tubular steel poles on 21 February 2022 in Mazowe.

The suspects were nabbed after their three tonne truck got stuck in the mud at Smithfield Farm. About 8×4 metres ZESA tubular steel poles and 7×4 metres TELONE tubular steel poles where recovered from the suspects’ vehicle.

In a related case, on 19/02/22, police in Mazowe recovered about 8kgs of copper cables which were stashed in a satchel and a small cardboard box, at a traffic checkpoint along Harare- Mukumbura Rd.

The suspect who was a passenger in a Nissan Caravan fled after the vehicle was stopped by the Police.