Fungayi Moyana

A Chiredzi man is in trouble with the law after he intentionally sent his cattle in a nearby woman’s field so he could start an argument and punish her by raping her.

Sheperd Moyo (18) of Mapindani Village under Chief Tshovani purposely let his cattle into Mavis Dhuku’s field on purpose wanting to start an argument.

When Dhuku saw the cattle in her field and drove them away Moyo came to confront her saying that she was disrespectful.

An argument occurred and Moyo jumped on Dhuku’s abdomen fondled her breasts in the field and dragged her to a nearby bush.

He forcibly removed her pants, closed her mouth with one hand and raped her once without protection.

To add further insult on top of injury Moyo promised to rape Dhuku again if ever she disrespected him .

Dhuku made a police report leading to Moyo’s arrest.

Moyo apperead before Senior Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu facing rape charges and was slapped with 18 years in prison with 3 years being suspended for 5 years on condition of good behaviour.