Elderly people in the high density suburb of Harare received a surprise birthday bash and presents.

The bash, courtesy of the political party Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) saw over 500 senior from Dzivarasekwa community receiving food hampers, drinks and eats. The bash also coincided with the TZ president Jacob Ngarivhume’s 40th birthday.

Senior citizen Majory Lungu (62) said she was overwhelmed by the birthday bash.

“I last celebrated my birthday when I was 21 years,” said Gogo Lungu with tears of joy streaming down her.

Tension Banda also echoed Gogo Lungu’s sentiments and wished that the joyous accession can be repeated again.

“They are fewer children who think about their elderly mothers and fathers these days. And a birthday celebration is even more difficult to come-by these days,” said Banda.

Dzivarasekwa is one of the oldest suburbs in Harare where an elderly population  still abodes.