HARARE: Woes may be mounting for embattled opposition leader Nelson Chamisa after an unverified letter making round on social media said his membership to the MDC-T party was terminated for violating the MDC Constitution by making a reshuffle of the leadership of his party.

The unsigned letter says in terms of clause 5.10 (a) of the MDC constitution, Chamisa’s membership to the party was terminated.

The courts recently ruled that MDC Alliance was not a political party thereby dismissing a claim that Chamisa was a President of a party called MDC Alliance..


Dear Sir Re: Termination of your membership of the Party I refer to the above matter.

I note that following the Supreme Court judgement, in MDC and Others v Elias Mashavira and Others (SC56/2020) of 31 March 2020, which ruled that you were no longer the President of the Movement for Democratic Change which was formerly led by the late Dr Morgan Tsvangirai you have continued to defy the court order.

The latest incident is when on 21 May 2020 you issued a communication to the effect that you had in your capacity as the President of the MDC Alliance Party made certain appointments and redeployments to the Party’s National Standing Committee.

You could only have made these appointments as president of the party other than the Party that was referred to in the Supreme Court judgement in the case mentioned above.

In terms of clause 5.10.(a) of the constitution of the MDC party by your joining or forming another party you have automatically terminated your membership of the MDC party formerly led by the late Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.