Blocked presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere says the nullification of his candidature by the High Court is just the beginning of a legal journey.

Kasukuwere says he is going to appeal to a superior court against the High Court ruling.

Apparently, a Notice of Appeal suspends judgement meaning this he will still remain a presidential candidate until the superior court hands its judgement.

Apparently, Kasukuwere’s camp are defiant saying this time President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has pressed a wrong button.

They say Mnangagwa is dealing with a different character altogether whose is ten times ahead.

One such team member, Ali Naka says Kasukuwere’s campaign materials are already in the country ready to be distributed.

Meanwhile, David Coltart, a lawyer says the High Court erred in barring Kasukuwere:

“We can deduce from this that Kasukuwere was deemed a real threat to the establishment. My view as a lawyer was that the case against Kasukuwere was baseless in law.”

Renowned publisher Trevor Ncube says: “One of the most frightening things that
@edmnangagwa has done is the mutilation of our constitution and the capture of the judiciary. I said this almost 2 years ago.”