A woman believed to be a lady of the night is alleged to have leaked her photograph with a married lover in order to extort money from him.

Trisha Dzuro, who brags over snatching married men, is alleged to have asked a freelancer photographer at Zindoga Shopping Centre to capture her downing ‘wise waters’ with her married lover Taperesu Zhou recently.

Trisha is alleged to have later leaked the photograph to Zhou’s wife Tabeth by sending a love message and the photograph with the intention to extort her lover’s money, impeccable sources said.

Contacted for comment, Zhou confirmed receiving calls from an anonymous female voice threatening to embarrass him if he failed to pay her money.

“To be honest I was cheating with Trisha for some time but I have since stopped after discovering something I cannot disclose,” said Zhou.

“I do not remember how and when the photographs were taken because I was drunk but I smelt a rat after an anonymous caller demanded US$300 threatening to embarrass me using the photographs.

“I informed a police officer and the lady who identified herself as Jackie failed to show up to where we had agreed to meet for payment.

“The lady was after extorting me,” said Zhou.

Trisha confirmed bedding Zhou saying Tabeth has no right to disturb her affair since she is not legally married to Zhou.

“Zhou is my boyfriend and Tabeth must not disturb my peace because she is not legally married although they have children together,” said Trisha. mtro