More details surrounding the suspected murder of a St Mathias High School student, Livingstone Sunhwa have emerged with his sister revealing his last moments.

Away from the school campus, human remains believed to be that of Livingstone were discovered deep in a valley located some four kilometres away from the school.

While no one is willing to take the blame for the boys’ disappearance, his sister relieves her brother’s last moments as he was being punished for an alleged offence of stealing sweets and snacks from the school tuckshop.

“I saw them walking with Livingstone towards the Administration block. They started beating him there asking him how he gained entrance into the tuckshop. They were smashing his head into the wall. There was a teacher on duty whom I asked why they were beating my brother and he said it was because he had stolen. I asked if they had called mother and he said they had not. When they were done beating him, he could no longer speak. All this happened in full view of the students because we were just returning from break time,” narrated Livingstone’s sister, Pride.

She also tells us that this is the same detail she has given to the authorities now investigating the case after the discovery of what are suspected to be Livingstone’s remains.

Even as she puts on a brave face, her voice is shaky as she opens up on her brother’s last moments.

“I last saw him at the admin block standing with the head, but I could not talk to him.”

The pain it has caused for the mother, Selina Tadya is unbearable.

A widow who lost her husband almost a decade ago, Selina was looking up to Livingstone to be the father figure for the family in future.

Whether it’s a curse or destiny, a relative tells us Livingstone’s father also died under unclear circumstances, while working in a mine in Mozambique.

At least on Livingstone’s father, the family found closure, but for now the search for answers on what happened to the young boy continues.

“This is unheard of. We hope someone is arrested because a child cannot just disappear from school. No one cared where he went. The school authorities must tell the nation what transpired,” Patrick Fiyani, an uncle said.

Although accepting death is difficult, it is however this family’s hope that the DNA samples will match with their child, and probably inform current investigations.

No arrests have been made so far but the school Head, Mr Maxwell Sambona remains suspended, pending investigations.