Executive Director at Centre for Natural Resource Governance and Doctoral Student at Wits School of Governance, Farai Maguwu says there is no patriotism in looting the country’s resources.

“There is NO patriotism nor dignity in smuggling, nomatter how much they try to put lipstick on the lips of a pig.

“It’s shameful. We have continuously raised the red flag on organized crime in Zimbabwe. Now the criminal networks, state embedded actors & criminal markets are laid bare,” he says.

Commenting on similar subject earlier on, Maguwu said there is no patriotism in using political power to loot your country dry – to a point villagers are now crossing borders to seek free treatment where they are ridiculed and discriminated against.

He added that those who buy Zimbabwe’s smuggled minerals in Dubai must be having funny private discussions about what kind of people Zimbabweans are.

“In Dubai they managed to build a world class City using their oil & here is a very poor country corruptly smuggling its wealth whilst it’s own pple starve.

“Why can’t leaders be patriotic and put the foot down on this shameful behaviour and ensure Zimbabwe’s natural resources are invested in building the country they claim to love.

“Zim is a wealthy country in terms of mineral wealth, with potential to generate more than $20bn annually from minerals alone, but whose road infrastructure was declared a state of disaster by the President. A country whose minerals are never priced correctly, never declared correctly,” he says.