Importance of the Internet


Who would have thought that a tool created to transfer military information quickly would change, even more rapidly, the entire world?

The Internet is the invention that has truly transformed the way we communicate forever. And it has done so far more than other tools that already, in their way, had revolutionized the way words traveled: television, radio, and before that, the telegraph.

What about today? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Internet age? Let’s find it out together.

Advantages of the Internet

Thanks to the Internet, we can take advantage of and enjoy content on the web. Here are some other benefits of its use:

  1. Speed in communication.

The speed with which we can access information has progressively increased over time.

This has expanded communication possibilities, which have gone from traditional mail to e-mail or from telegrams to video calls.

  1. Access to multiple contents.

We can access any type of content through the Internet, from news information to very specialized topics, scientific, humorous, cultural, entertainment, educational, etc.

Today we have the freedom to choose the topics we want to learn from, which marks an essential difference from past times when the traditional media set the standard for the content to transmit.

  1. Simplification of processes.

The Internet has contributed to substantially improving daily and organizational processes that impact the quality of life and social evolution.

For example, nowadays, we can make purchases, sell, and do any business online.

  1. Knowledge maximization.

One of the most important advantages of the Internet is that it allows us to access any information from anywhere.

Whoever with a computer or cell phone with an Internet connection can learn multiple topics, wherever they are in the United States or Japan, can still generate new skills or improve those they already have.

In addition, with the Internet, it is possible to receive or give distance learning lessons, access tutorials at, manuals, scientific reports, online books, and whatnot.

  1. Access to new entertainment formats.


Benefits on the Internet

From television, radio, and print media, we have moved on to streaming content, podcasts, and online news, whose transmission is possible thanks to the evolution of the Internet.

For example, fifty years ago, who would have expected that you could watch your favorite movie online on platforms like, play video games, or online casinos without the need to leave your home one day?

Yet today, there are many safe platforms on which to bet your money or even play for free, such as at you can enjoy spending some time playing various casinos games.

This type of platform offers generous welcome bonuses and some of the best games found on the market. This includes some of the best slots, numerous table games, and many Live Dealer games.

  1. New social dynamics.

The option to have an online meeting on Zoom or Skype and the home office are just two of the most visible opportunities generated by the Internet, which impact the organizational environment and people’s quality of life.

Disadvantages of the Internet

The violation of privacy and digital insecurity are two new problems created by the use of the Internet and new technologies, as detailed below:

1 Use of personal data for unknown purposes.

Currently, most of the applications that we use daily ask for a large amount of data in exchange for optimal performance (access to the microphone, location, photo gallery, phone data, messages, etc.).

However, we don’t know how these users’ data are used.

In most cases, this information is often sold or used without users’ authorization, implying a clear violation of privacy.

  1. Stimulates sedentary lifestyles.

Nowadays, the Internet is a means of work, entertainment, and shopping, among other uses. Unfortunately, this stimulates social isolation and sedentary lifestyles since it is no longer necessary to leave home to access goods or services that used to require a minimum of travel.

  1. Fake news.

Fake news is manipulated and distorted information or even invented for a specific purpose.

With the Internet, it has become effortless to create fake news and transmit them, so it is typical for this type of content to go viral in a few hours or days.

  1. The Internet is a limit to interpersonal communication.

We all know that, especially for younger people, excessive use of the Internet can become serious problems, such as the absence of smooth communication in the offline world.

The use of cellular devices, in fact, generates isolation in individuals and prevents them from communicating effectively with the outside world.

This often leads to worker, relationship, or family problems, as online communication with others becomes more important than face-to-face contact with their surroundings.