A Zimbabwean couple who have shared a marriage for the past 3 decades, now find themselves embroiled in a distressing situation where allegations of abuse have come to light. The wife, in a brave step, has brought forward accusations against her husband, whom she claims has transformed into a figure of terror within their relationship.

Josiah Mpala and Rachel Jubane have been married for the past 31 years and have been enjoying the forbidden fruit in between the sheets, but now Mpala has turned into a monster allegedly labelling his wife a prostitute whose private parts are bad.

Rachel said she has kept the emotional and physical abuse as a closely guarded secret hoping that her husband would reform but her hopes have turned into a nightmare.

She said she loves her husband but of late he has turned into a monster who allegedly beats up her accusing her of two-timing him.

Jubane said her husband’s abusive levels have spiralled out of hand and now he has the guts to brand her a prostitute whose private parts are watery and tasteless.

In her affidavit in court which read in part she said: “I’m the applicant in this matter and Josiah Mpala is my husband. He is in the habit of physically and emotionally abusing me. We are currently staying at Mbembesi Primary School. Whenever we are involved in an argument he insults me branding me a prostitute and he does that in the presence of our children. Most of the time after having sex he complains stating that my private part is watery and tasteless. When I question him why he says that after we have spent 31 years together he fumes and beats me up with fists.”

Mpala did not attend the court session.

The presiding magistrate Beverly Madzikatire granted Jubane a protection order. Mpala was ordered not to insult or physically assault his wife.

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