Norton Independent legislator Temba Mliswa has challenged former minister, Jonathan Moyo to come clean on the expulsion of ex vp Joice Mujuru from the ruling party.

Mliswa says Mujuru was fired on falsehoods, and challenged Moyo to prove if Mujuru indeed wanted to topple late former president Robert Mugabe as alleged then.

“You supported ED at the 2004 Congress. You were always an advocate for change and I respect that.

“My question is was it true that Mai Mujuru wanted to remove Mugabe?

“Your conscience is your master. You are a political scientist too & should set the record straight,” says Mliswa.

Mliswa adds that the youth wing was viewed as a sign for the coming in of Mujuru to replace Mugabe, a notion which was far from the truth.

“Who was behind the whole conspiracy that led to the removal of Mai Mujuru?

“You know that our winning the Youth wing was taken as a sign that she was coming for Mugabe and the elections for Women were cancelled but was that true?”