I want to make this clear. Despite the new position being shown by @susan_mutami I would like to make it clear that I have not had any communication with her.

She has indeed tried to use the legal route, @cdesetfree & others but my position has always been clear.

I come from a family centred on traditional values and will not deal with the issues relating to my kids on social media.

Susan said a lot about my mother who has never been on social media. She was taken aback by how her benevolence in giving a chicken had been abused.

Secondly, Susan also attacked my sister, Mary who potentially could have been vatete vake (her sister-in-law). I didn’t respond to all these issues.

She accused me of seeking to kill the President’s son& being involved in the Bulawayo bombing. So she has a lot of issues that she raised.

Now the proper route for her for us to discuss the baby issues would be through my young sister Mary. Now how would she do that after all her negative aspersions against her?

As for the kid I have never denied paternity but stated that I would need a DNA test first!

Proper traditional channels and processes should be followed for the child to be admitted into the family. Subject to a DNA test.

But it has become clear that she was a project for Mudha all the way!

Temba Mliswa