Two Telco employees were electrocuted on Friday afternoon while installing wifi cables in Victoria Falls’ Mkosana suburb with one of the of them confirmed dead upon arrival at the Victoria Falls hospital, while the other is in critical condition at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo.

During the installation process, the duo; Rector Msipa (40) and Victor Zulu (38) tried to push a four-meter aluminium pole through a mango tree when it accidentally got into contact with overhead ZESA electrical cables, resulting in them being electrocuted.

Mrs Telca Tshuma, who was inside her house, heard the spark and rushed outside where he found the two lying on the ground with their clothes burning.

An ambulance was called and the two were rushed to the hospital where Msipa was confirmed dead upon arrival, while Zulu was transferred to Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers and ZESA technicians attended the scene.

The aluminium pole, which was still attached to the overhead ZESA cables, was later removed.

Both the ZRP and ZESA technicians are still carrying out further investigations.

According to reports, Zulu is still in a critical condition and has since been transferred from Mpilo to Mater Dei Hospital.
– zbc