By Shakespeare Muzavazi

A Mutare local teacher landed himself in hot soup after he was convicted for tempering with Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZTDC) meter.

Alois Chaputsa (32) pleaded guilty when he appeared before magistrate Innocent Bepura recently who sentenced him to pay a $400 fine.

Asked why he committed the offence Chaputsa said he had no money to pay for the tariffs.

“Your worship I had no money to pay for the ZESA tariffs but I really wanted to use electricity,” said Chaputsa leaving the Gallery in stitches.

Public prosecutor told the court that on May 10th this year around 1500 hours, a ZETDC employee was on a routine check of meters in Chikanga suburb in the company of Rufaro Matemba and they visited house number 874 Chikanga 1.

Upon arrival they checked the meter and discovered that the accused person had by passed the meter using a red cable connected from the breaker into the house.

Investigations were carried out leading to Chaputsa’s arrest