Former minister of Tourism and Hospitality Walter Mzembi says all information purportedly by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy chairperson Job Sikhala from Chikurubi Maximum Prison should be taken with a pinch of salt.

“Until we hear from his own mouth outside prison after being bailed out anything from Chikurubi shall be treated like those fake letters written by the Rhodesians on behalf of incarcerated nationalists to abandon the struggle and make peace with Smith,” says Mzembi.

His comments comes amid reports that Sikhala is bitter and feeling neglected by his party.

Sikhala is alleged to have said his party connived with the state to keep him in prison.

“But I will come out. Wait and see what will happen when I do. Ndinotunga munhu nenyanga yeNyati (I’ll gore somebody with a rhino horn).

“Betrayal is, by its very nature, very painful; but it becomes unbearable when you are betrayed by one whom you trusted with your political career, your future and your very life. I will come out and we will face each other,” Sikhala is reported to have said.

Apparently, Mzembi says all this information should be treated with a pinch of salt, until Sikhala says it with his own mouth.

Sikhala was arrested on several charges including obstruction of justice and was thrown inside Chikurubi Maximum prison from where he has been applying for bail unsuccessfully.

He has been in jail since June 2022.

Trial on some of the charges commenced a few weeks ago. Ordinarily, accused persons that have not been granted bail are detained at the remand prison until trial.