Radio personality and comedian Tafadzwa “DJ Shugeta” Ben says he is going through depression.

The National FM presenter posted on social media last week that he was going through a difficult situation, prompting many followers to conclude that he was contemplating suicide.

He said sharing mental health issues is vital amongst youths and as a public figure, he recommends organisations and individuals to assist people under depression.

“Yes it’s true I am not okay but I can also confirm that I am working on it, I am getting help.

“There are some things going on but like I said everything is now under control the reason why I decided to speak out is because l realised that many people are actually going through the same.

“But ma reasons anosiyana and the first step to recovery is talking about it possibly with someone you trust or someone you know who cares,” he said.

Shugeta said many people are afraid to speak resulting in some committing suicides.

“Many people are afraid to speak out because vanotya kusekwa or stigma but ndizvo zvinokonzera suicides.

“People should show others kuti it’s real and we all need a shoulder to lean on

“As the young people we have a lot of things going on but I believe sharing is caring and these need for those organisations, individuals, support groups who are into mental health

“To assist young people who are also facing the same predicament,” he added.

Below is what he posted:

Good morning family. Sorry kune vachabatikana with this message but I think it’s time I let you all know, I’m not okay and ndaane nguva yakati rebei now ndisiri fine.
I have some serious things going on in my life right now and the sad part is I am losing it every day .Suicidal thoughts ,anxiety , all that .For a long time now I been putting on a happy mask but deep down I am emotionally and mentally exhausted….im dying .
Thus I feel I just wanna get away from everyone and everything for a moment asi kana ndaabho muchandiona ndichidzoka .I need a break from my heart, my brain ,my lyf I need to go away for just a little while. But remember this isn’t a goodbye forever, I don’t know when I will be back but I hope I will be back soon rejuvenated ndave Shugeta chaiye wenyu wamunoda .Musandikanganwewo in your prayers.

Nothing in nature blooms all year and a break is sometimes what’s needed to figure everything out.

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