After we reported the death of 7 beasts in Zvimba due to cyanide poisoning, 12 more cattle have been killed by the same poison at Eiffel Gold Mine in Kadoma.

The animals died a few metres from the mine’s fence and owners are blaming the owners allowing overflow of residual cyanide from the mine premises onto the pastures.

Eiffel Gold Mine supervisor, Mr Mike Laubscher however denied responsibility for the death of the cattle, arguing that the mishap could be a result of a feud between the affected farmers and their neighbours with whom they have disputes over land ownership.

There are suspicions that the overflow control walls at Eiffel Gold Mine were destroyed by rains, resulting in storm water overflowing outside the mine premises.

Soil and water samples have since been collectedfor  laboratory analysis to establish the levels of residual cyanide in the water.