Top Zimbabwe musician, Sulumani ‘Sulu’ Chimbetu who is known for performing at Zanu PF rallies and gatherings  and is believed to be a supporter of president Mugabe and his family has used his latest album titled Jamboree to make unprecedented attacks on President Mugabe over his leadership failures.

In his new album, there are about five songs that are directed at Zimbabwe’s 92-year-old leader and messy he has caused in the country.

One of the songs directly mokes President Mugabe’s statement that he was getting stronger as he gets to 100 years of age by saying the counts has been invaded by a life threatening beast which is killing people through hunger.
Sulu who has performed at numerous First Family events mocks Mugabe’s 92nd birthday statement in which the later said he was getting stronger and stronger as he hurtles towards his centenary.
In another song, Sulu calls upon soldiers and cops to use their brains and stop using violence against the people.

In yet another song, he says people are leaving in slavery and pleads for Moses to strike the waters of the ocean so that the people can cross over to the promised land.

Asked for a comment Sulu who is also a former Air Force officer said people are free to interpret his album the way they see it. When pressed further he just hang up and avoided answering.
Sulu kicks off track number 3 which is titled Chirombo by directly quoting Mugabe’s popular statement at his 92nd Birthday; “Ndiri kunzwa masimba okupinda muzana, senge munhu uyu ari kumhanya race. (I feel …energy to get to 100, like someone who is in a race).”

He however, immediately switches from the quote and pleads that the house has been invaded by a beast called hunger. He adds that this beast will finish off his clan and a whole people. He also warns that hunger will cause instability to the nation.
He pleads for some maize seeds to roast so that he can alleviate his hunger.
On track number 5 titled It’s not necessary, Sulu seems to be attacking the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo for using social media to attack other politicians. He seems to be referring a lot to the internecine succession struggles in Zanu PF.

He also seems to be urging the Head of State to refrain from unnecessary fights and insulting others.
He goes; “It’s not necessary kunyombana pasocial media, kutukana pasina mhosva, kunyombana pamberi pavana (It’s not necessary to attack each other on social media, to insult each other for no reason and to do that in front of children)”.
He then goes to say that there is someone plotting against him all the time and like a cockerel, the person wants to pluck out his feathers. He says there is no reason for Zimbabweans to fight each other.
In track number 6 titled Mhasuro, Sulu says he has a muscular brother who depends on violence to silence others. He says the brother is always at the Police station because of his cases and urges the brother to stop the behaviour so that he can earn respect from subjects.


He urges the brother not to depend on his muscle but to use brains. He in the same veins tells soldiers and cops not to just depend on their power but to use their brains.
“Zvikanzi Police hazvirevi hondo. Chipurisa chinotodavo pfungwa sister. Zvikanzi masoja hazvirevi hondo, chisoja chinotodawo pfungwa mukomana (To be a police officer does not mean war; even policing needs brains. If you are a soldier it doesn’t mean war; a soldier also needs to use his brains),” goes a stanza in Mhasuro.

This is in direct reference to Police officers and soldiers who have been accused of using violence against ordinary citizens during elections. In another song titled Mosese, Sulu says there is a man who has a goblin that is troubling innocent people. He describes the man as a Pharaoh and pleads with Moses to strike the sea so that people can cross to freedom.
“Gona rashungurudza vana vavamwe, rataramutsa vana vavamwe, kusuwisa vana vavamwe, kuomesera vana vevamwe, kufurufusha vana vevamwe, kutsikirira vana vevamwe, kuomesera vana vevamwe.
“Moses rova gungwa tiyambuke, hatidi kutamba uranda, hatidi kutamba urombe, hona Pharaoh atipinza uranda. (Moses strike the sea so that we can cross, look Pharaoh has made us slaves. We don’t deserve to be destitutes.
“Kana Shumba akatsamwa, kana zizi rakatsamwa, kana shiri dziri mumiti dzakatsamwa (Even the lion is angry because of this, so is the owl, the birds in the trees and the mermaids in the oceans)”.
On track 10 titled Gomo Sulu seems to be imploring Chimurenga guru Thomas Mapfumo who is in exile in the USA to come back home.
He says in the song that everyone is missing “you Mukanya. You went away many years ago and do you have to wait until everything is right?” to come back.
The song is played in Mapfumo’s Chimurenga beat and Mapfumo’s voice is mimicked.