HARARE: Former Studio 263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa) successfully stole the limelight from Winky D at the weekend after his se_x tape emerged and started doing the rounds on social media.

People had been emulating Winky D and another artiste Gemma for their quality MuGarden music video. But in no time, long forgotten Jabu had taken all the limelight with people discussing his unpleasant video clip that has left many worried.

In the two-minute clip, Jabu is captured with no condom, in the presence of a child, making love to a woman who seems older than him. What has irked many is Jabu’s decision to have unprotected s_ex with the woman. Clearly concerned about Jabu’s health, most urged him to seek medical attention.

Some described the actor as a fearless person as he chose not to use protection.

“Ndomasoja chaiwo ka aya anoenda kuhondo achiziva kuti kunofiwa (these are real soldiers who go to war knowing there’s a possibility of death),” one Douglas Jekero said in apparent reference to the risk of Jabu contracting diseases.

Meanwhile, Burutsa has issued an apology after people complained over his action with an older woman in front of a child.

Writing on social media, Burutsa said,

I would like to thank everyone who has expressed displeasure and anger towards me for my leaked private content. Private affairs should remain that, private!

It is for that reason that I wish to sincerely apologise, unreservedly, to everyone, family, friends, fans and corporate community, directly or indirectly affected by recent events as a result of my temporary lapse in judgement.

We learn from our mistakes to be better people, and with this incident, I have learnt my lessons.

Truly Denzel Burutsa