“Shakhtar Donetsk” continues to prepare for the second part of the season in Turkey. During the training camp, Igor Jovićević’s team played a few club friendly games, but failed to win any of them. However, the “Miners” were close to victory in the fourth game when they played a real showdown with Slovenia “Maribor”.

The Slovenians overslept at the beginning of the tournament, so Ukrainian forward Zubkov managed to attack the opponent’s goal from the center, where he moved from the flank. This tactic allowed them to get a nice result, which gave Shakhtar’s players more confidence. Sudakov also managed to score another goal against his opponent later on.

The second half showed that the “Violets” recovered from the shock and were able to put balls into the opponent’s goal in the first 5 minutes. Bozic and Brnjic not only scored, but also made some nice attacks. However, there was a new burst of activity after the 70th minute.

A little later, Bondarenko managed to score from the penalty line, and Bozic, having bypassed Rakitskiy, also attacked the opponent. The result was a staggering 4-4 draw. It was one of the most interesting and at the same time club’s spectacular friendly games in recent times.

Why did this happen?

The past friendly match between “Shakhtar” and “Maribor” interested many fans, who even made some predictions, considering both clubs to be “scoring”. However, the reality was worse than predicted – the “Miners” failed to win. If you missed the latest news about the club, then on AZSCORE – score live yesterday is presented in full. This platform will not let you miss anything important from the world of sports.

As for “Shakhtar”, before the match with “Maribor”, the team had failed in two consecutive friendly games, conceding two goals in a row. Perhaps the reason was the fact that all of the Brazilian players, whose professionalism was the key to the team’s success in the games, left the club.

“Maribor”, on the other hand, had not lost 12 straight contests, except in the Slovenian league, remaining the goal scoring leader. In the end, the match showed that “Shakhtar” and “Maribor” were equal in strength. However, some predictors believe that the Slovenians can hardly outplay the “Miners” a second time.

So, both clubs continue to prepare for the decisive matches. However, if you missed their score live yesterday, or if you need more up-to-date information, go to azscore.com. The portal contains all the relevant data, regularly updated by the system.