HARARE: A Zimbabwe court prosecution service has asked a Harare court to send hip hop artiste Stunner Desmond Chideme, to jail over  negligent driving.

Stunner wrecked parked cars and nearly killed two pedestrians when he lost control of his vehicle early this year.

He also caused damage to four cars that he rammed into while driving his Toyota Lexus.

Chideme, who shot to internet stardom when his bedroom video with Ghana based Pokello, surfaced online, has asked for lenience after pleading with the courts that he is now a changed man who detests his past actions.

In mitigation through his lawyer Mr Dumisani Mtombeni, Chideme pleaded for the court’s lenience in sentencing him.He said he was struggling to make ends meet in the music industry.

“The accused person is married with three children and also takes care of his disabled 60–year-old mother he regularly takes to physicians,” said Mr Mtombeni

“Like many of us, he has been hard hit by harsh economic conditions as he can no longer make a living out of CD sales because of piracy. He further owes producers for the work done to come up with his latest album.”Mthombeni added that Chideme was remorseful and made efforts to rectify the damages sustained.

“The accused person assisted victims by settling their medical bills. He even went further composing a song that raises awareness against road rage in collaboration with Zimbabwe Republic Police,” he said.

Stunner will know his fate today when a magistrate will give him a suitable prison sentence.