BEITBRIDGE – Chief Sitaudze, who heads one of the biggest chieftainships in Beitbridge and is doing work-related attachment at Beitbridge Government Primary School has torched a storm after a deputy school head who insulted him at a sports event was fined four herd of cattle.
Traditional leaders now want the deputy head, Velempini Sibanda Hondo expelled from the Ministry of Education and Culture and if that fails, banished from Beitbridge District altogether.
The 25 year-old Sitaudze is doing a Bachelor of Education, Honors degree in Primary Education with Great Zimbabwe University and is currently on attachment at Beitbridge Government Primary School in Beitbridge where he coaches’ the handball team.
On June 26, 2019, he clashed with Majini Primary School deputy head Hondo at a sports gala held at Luwande Primary. The incident happened after the Chief’s teams had won the tournament and Hondo rushed to where the traditional leader was standing and allegedly insulted him.
“The chief was standing on the other side of the pitch and Hondo went and insulted him saying wena, mfana you came to this tournament with two jackets, who do you think you are, I don’t care about that, when I am out of this tournament I am also a chief at our rural area,” said a source.
Sources said that Hondo who was allegedly drunk belittled the chief and left him humiliated despite the traditional leader’s pleas to stop what hewas doing. Hondo is also alleged to have insulted referees at the sports gala.
On being asked why he did that to the Chief, Hondo who comes from Ward 12 in …allegedly said he did not come from Chivi with a chief.
Chief Sitaudze confirmed the incident and said that he was not the right person to comment.
Hondo said, “I did not insult him,I argued with him as a fellow handball coach and I did not know he was a Chief”, said Hondo.
However, the incident torched a storm among the people of Beitbridge who have a reverence for their tradition and traditional leadership. Hondo was summoned before Chief Matibe on Sunday facing charges of humiliating and disrespecting Chief Sitaudze.
He was ordered to pay four cattle, and Chief Matibe wants him expelled from the Ministry and banished from Beitbridge.
Chief Matibe said the deputy head should pay the cattle before August 4.
“We tried to talk to him but he did not listen, he said he did not want to talk with Venda people “, said Chief Matibe.