…there is actually another team on standby waiting for an opportunity to get Mnangagwa 

Stanley Goreraza | But who could have done this?

Someone with a political agenda. Someone very organized. Someone planned on taking out ED before elections probably fearing he was going to win. This person or more accurately, these people must have had several plans on how to get him and if he’s security is caught napping again, they will get him.

By now the culprits must be out of the country or have made it to a third country on fake passports to cover their trail. If they dust settles they could return to finish what they started or there is actually another team on standby waiting for an opportunity to get Mnangagwa.

The armed bogus CIO agent who had several government IDs and got very near ED is proof there are teams with contracts on ED’s head. The fake CIO must have been conducting reconnaissance, looking for gaps and entry points.They have shown they have easy access to resources ordinary civilians do not with possible training in Infiltration, Assassination and Destabilization. They are highly motivated, disciplined and prepared to die for whatever their cause is.

You just don’t wake up one day, arm yourself and pretend to be part of the presidents security detail just for fun, and then actually succeed in infiltrating the presidents security. You would need knowledge of a lot of protocols to fit into the presidents security.

ED should ditch his uniformed soldiers and go for personnel specifically trained in close protection.

Nhasi wadyiswa poison, mangwana waku bombwa, your security is pathetic. stanley goreraza