Stanley Goreraza | I’ll repeat what I have said many times ;

Emmerson Mnangagwa will never go for an election without strong assurances from the Intelligence Services(CIO) that he is without doubt going to definitely win that election. They don’t give him a ‘maybe, maybe not’! They give him an affirmative ‘yes’

As with previous elections, the opposition measures it’s chances through crowds, attendance at rallies and social media chatter. 2013 proved that the whole country can attend an opposition rally, shout slogans, and the opposition will still lose the election.

How this actually happens no one knows.

The opposition loves a big crowd. But big crowds don’t win elections and how do we know this, #2013!!

So if it is not about the size of your crowd what is it about?

That is the question the opposition has had 5 years to try and answer. To raise the issue of ballot paper a month before elections is myopic.

The opposition still has not answered how Zanupf won 2013. If they had answered that question, Mnangagwa would have opted for a Transitional government and shelved elections for 5 years.