Kenias Kwangwari (36) of Tarisai Village under Chief Nyajena in Chivi last Thursday appeared before magistrate Purity Gumbo and Prosecutor Edmond Mapope who sent him to remand for allegedly murdering his wife.

The court heard that in July this year, Kwangwari went to a two roomed house where his wife Naume Maziofa (now deceased) was doing her domestic chores.
While in the bedroom, a misunderstanding arose between the deceased and Kwangwari and the suspect allegedly took a traditional ram and struck his wife on her head several times.

The court also heard that Kwangwari went outside the bedroom and took an axe which was in the fowl run some meters away and went back to the room where his was lying on the floor.

He allegedly further struck the now deceased with the axe while holding her head and her back until she was dead.

He tried to hide evidence by hiding the stained wooden traditional ram and the axe back in the fowl run.

Kwangwari was seen by Yolanda and Sandra Hove who are his neighbours to and they later on reported the case to the police leading to the arrest of the suspected murderer.

Stained wooden traditional ram and the axe were recovered at his homestead, the court heard that Kwangwari was found in possession of the axe handle. tell zimbabwe