Shakespeare Muzavazi

The quests to maintain hegemonic power over a husband has landed a Chiundura woman in the dungeons of regret after her son went horribly insane subsequent to mistakenly eating a meal that was meant to enchant (kupfuhwira) his father.

Godfrey Gwarimbo (17) (now mentally incapacitated) came from Chiundura business centre where he was enjoying the independence celebrations with friends, he then went into his mother’s kitchen and discovered that his mother (Winsely Maramba) had only cooked for her husband.

Gwarimbo went on to eat his father’s lunch but all hell broke loose after he had finished the meal.

Sadza and Chicken became a meal of madness as Gwarimbo started to tear off his clothes running around the house chanting love songs.

Villagers who saw Gwarimbo thought that he was drunk since it was independence day, but however he was neither a drunkard nor a weed smoker.

Gwarimbo had eaten a meal that his mother had enchanted with a love portion ( mupfuhwira) to shackle her husband.

As fate would have it, Winsely Maramba found out that her son had eaten his father’s meal,

An impeccable source told  this reporter that Maramba went back to the traditional enchanter who had given her the love portion.

The enchanter (Ambuya Chagwedera) told Maramba that the only way to lift the enchantment was to sleep with a woman which is impossible given the mental state of  Gwarimbo.