Ndumiso Sibanda, a 37-year-old former student of Solusi University, committed suicide on campus and left a note indicating that he was suffering from depression and was tired of being mocked for being single at his age.

The university’s public relations officer, Kumbirai Mukanganwi, confirmed that Sibanda was an alumnus who was living in a house assigned to his brother by the university.

Sibanda’s suicide note expressed regret for hurting others but stated that he could no longer go on with life.

“I cannot do this anymore, I am very sorry to each and everyone who is going to get hurt by what I am about to do. I cannot go on with life anymore,” he wrote.

“I was now tired of the community making me a laughing stock because as old as I am I have not been able to marry. People were asking me very painful questions that I could not give answers to.”

Police were not available for comment.