Image: Mafaro

One of Zimbabwe’s female top fashion stylists, Natalie Mhandu, popularly known as Enchantress Nate, has urged females to dress the way they would like to be addressed.

Mhandu is a successful business woman who owns a number of business ventures.

Mhandu recently made headlines when she advised women not to “settle for less” but to consider getting a rich boyfriends.

She said her rich boyfriend helped her set up her “successful business”.

Speaking to comedienne Felistas Murata, who is popularly known as Mai Titi, Natalie said:

“I had help. The time I started my business I was working hard but I was dating a moneyed man, it is money that I took to grow myself so I’m not gonna sit here and be a hypocrite and say that when you work so hard and you achieve a certain lifestyle you what what what.

“Inini ndinoda kutaura chokwadi I was at a place where I was struggling like everyone else ndichishanda shanda like everyone else and I then got to meet someone who I was dating and he was moneyed.

“Mari yandaipiwa ndanga ndisinganotenge Brazilian ndakaita musoro nemari iyoyo. No-one makes it by themselves.

“Somebody gives you a push. My point is we cant all be with the moneyed men but lets try and get a man with somewhere better than munhu ari pazero zvine age izvi guys at 30 ndinotanga kuvakei nemunhu ari pazero.”

Natalie’s advice received mixed reactions from social media users with some suggesting that she is influencing women to be “gold diggers”.

Those who did not agree with her encouraged women to work hard on their own and not depend on men.

Some said “life has no fomular,” if her business became successful after she got money from a rich boyfriend what she experienced might not work for the next person.