ZwNews Chief Correspondent

The advent of social has given ZANU PF’s mouth piece, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation a stiff challenge, by bridging gap that had been created by its monopoly of the airwaves.

Some opposition parties in Zimbabwe have since found solace in social media as a way to counter ZANU PF’s propaganda machine (ZBC).

Though of late, there has been an improved coverage of opposition campaigns. The covering of such gatherings has been nothing more than a mentioning in passing, while the ruling party has been receiving more airplay, with the national broadcaster sending its Outside Broadcasting van for the whole duration of ZANU PF rallies.

However, the tides seem to be turning against the traditional media (radio and television), as some opposition parties especially the MDC-Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa, has used the social media to their advantage,  party officials have used twitter to give the public information and notices of rallies, it has worked for them.

Their rallies have attracted huge attendances.

One senior party official recently told this publication on the side-lines of the party’s rally that was held in Marondera that they no longer worry as to whether ZBC mention their rallies in its bulletins or not, adding that the Alliance has managed to command huge gatherings without even soliciting coverage from the so-called national broadcaster.

“We have done without them (ZBC) so we are not worried whether they cover our rallies or not.

“Remember in 2016, Pastor Evan Mawarire managed to mobilise the citizens and shut down the whole country using social media (#thisflag), so why worry if we can also reach out to the electorate using the similar channel?”

“It has even become hard for ZANU PF to play its dirty tricks such as acts of politically motivated violence, as the social media can be used to expose them, with pictures and videos of the incident, it would be hard for them to deny. By just a click of a button one can send the news as it unfolds,” said the official who declined to be named.

The official added that social media has also helped disgruntled members of the security sector particularly the police to give opposition parties tip offs. He gave the example of how junior members of the police at Rose Camp Station in Bulawayo, allegedly alerted the MDC-Alliance when they were forced to vote under the command of their seniors.