ShutDown March from Harare CBD to  Mugabe’s Presidential Palace This Weekend 

#Tajamuka a  #Mugabe Must Go protest group is targeting Mugabe’s residence, The Zimbabwe State House this Saturday.

They have ‘one aim and one request that Mugabe must leave office as soon as yesterday,’ said a Harare based protester on condition of anonymity.

Mugabe STAate House March Demo zimnewsnet

March to Mugabe Zimbabwe State House planned for this Saturday, 09 July

This time the stakes are high and all eyes will be upon the Harare demonstrations that will begin at Africa Unity Square at 8AM where people will gather before marching towards Zimbabwe’s Presidential Palace according to a circulation on social media.

“We are now calling upon all patriots to be brave. (On) 9 July, we are marching to State House. We should meet at Africa Unity Square at 8am.

“We will be marching to Zimbabwe State House and demanding Mugabe to leave office. We will do whatever it takes to liberate ourselves. Mugabe must go this month. This is a month to liberate ourselves from this evil regime,” read the Tajamuka notice.

While there are concerns within the ruling party that a number of these #Mugabe Must Go protesters are members of the main opposition party, a survey carried by indicates that more than 50% of these people are card carrying Zanu PF rebels most of them from a powerful well known faction within the ruling party. Online News Sources