Halle Berry, a prominent Hollywood actress, recently engaged in a Twitter dispute with controversial Zimbabwean “red piller” Shadaya.

Shadaya criticized a sultry picture of Berry on Twitter, accusing her of seeking attention at her age and suggesting that she should be spending time with her grandchildren instead.

Berry responded in a tongue-in-cheek manner, sharing a fun fact about shrimp instead of engaging with the criticism directly.

Her response was well-received by her followers, who praised her for being classy.

Shadaya was undeterred by Berry’s response and reiterated his view that exposing one’s body is a sign of insecurity and validation-seeking.

Berry’s response was applauded by her followers for being classy.

Below are some of the responses:


these haters be so jealous imagine being in your 50’s an still being fine as fuck an still relevant an happy with you life an healthy an still looking better than women who 20 years younger than you an not care what people think  that’s @halleberry


Thanks so much, @halleberry, for being you. I mean the amount of energy people use to hate. I love these posts it’s amazing to be on this journey with the celebrity’s we crushed on 


Halle Berry is easily the most enjoyable and unproblematic celeb Twitter account. Sis is just out here bein fine as hell, enjoying life, loving her man, and shooting the shit with her fans.

Imagine how miserable one has to be to find a problem with that.