Sexual hunger hits Matobo, Women turn to herdboys for satisfaction

A wave of sexual hunger and starvation is sweeping through Matobo District in Matabeleland South were some married women whose husbands work in South Africa and Botswana are now turning to herdboys for se_xual satisfaction.

This was revealed by the District’s Development Officer Christine Nyathi at a media and advocacy meeting organised by Hope for a Child in Christ (HOCIC) to mark the International Women’s Day.

Bmetro reports that Nyathi revealed during community gatherings, most women from the district and whose husbands are based in South and Botswana were always complaining of se_xual starvation saying their husbands were not coming back on time to “se_xually service them”.

“During our community gatherings, some married women are always complaining of se_xual hunger saying their husbands who have migrated to South Africa and Botswana were taking long to come back and perform their duties.

These women end up having se_x with herdboys because they are se_xually starved. Honestly speaking how do these husbands who go for about a year expect their pretty wives to survive?”
She queried adding that those women had feelings so they would be left with no option but to have se_x with the young boys who work for them.

Nyathi said the situation usually led to the increase in domestic violence cases especially in December when those men (injivas) returned home and found their wives pregnant or hear through rumours that they have been sleeping with cattle herders.

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