National police authorities have announced the arrest of seven suspected criminals who were selling various interdicted medicines, including manhood enlargement drugs.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the criminal septet was arrested at Fife Avenue Shopping Centre in the capital Harare on Wednesday.

While posting on Twitter, the ZRP said:

“The ZRP confirms the arrest of seven suspects on 20/04/22 for Possession of Unregistered Medicine at Five Avenue Shopping Centre, Harare. Police recovered 8×7 Super Power Capsules, 1x Bang Bang Strongman, 25x Cobra 120, 30x Black Cobra 200, Cialis tadalafil,5x 2/3 Silmet 50 tablets, 4x Chao Jimengnan super Power Man tablets, 119x Sildenafic Citrate tablets, 2x Sildenafil Oral jelly, 18x Shuanglong Biography, 2x Kamagra Oral Jelly, 3 Shuanglong Oral jelly, Maxman Coffee, Red Mercury, 6x Sama Secreat oil, Big penis, 3/3 4x African Banana Super Power, Viagra 007, Masushita BBSM Coffee Sachet, 8x Intalis 02, and Sweet A drugs. #notocriminalacts