Fungayi Moyana

Guns were blazing at Lennox mine in Shurugwi when 4 security guards wrongfully suspected 3 unarmed men for trespassing the area for illegal gold panning and opened fire at them.

The Chivi security guards namely Meckson Mabharu, David Navhaya, Cletos Mhuku andTendai Nyakubaya are up in court for attempted murder.

At 9pm at Lennox mine the complainant namely Polite Mawela, Farai Musipa, and Tinashe Hove visited the mine looking for formal employment.

When they were about twenty meters to the mine’s entrance gates they were approached by two security guards  Mabharu and Nyakubaya who ordered them to vacate from the premises or’ face the music’.

Trying to negotiate with the guards the accused wasted no time in opening fire at the complainant with the other two guards from Cobra security joining in the attack with more ‘fire power’.

Mawela  got hit by 2 pellets on the left side of his chest ,twelve shots drilled Musipa’s left shoulder and arm,7 pellets hit Hove with 3 specifically hitting him on the lower left eye ,1 on the right eye and 3 on the right side.

Police where alerted and came to stop this ‘reign of fire’ as the complainants were rushed to Masvingo general Hospital leading to the arrest of these ruthless security guards.

Standing in front of Chivi Resident Magistrate Bishard Chineka the four are up for attempted murder charges and were denied bail, they are remanded in custody until 6th of April as the judgment day.