Fungayi Moyana

The current economic meltdown in Zimbabwe has caused a security guard from Zaka to sneak into a mine he was supposed to be guarding and mine some minerals.

Unfortunately the shaft collapsed and he got killed in the process.

Salient Gwature(26) died on the spot while digging gold after  a mine he was supposed to be guarding collapsed on him.

Gwature was buried alive in a pit along Chimwede stream, a tributary to Turwi River.

His partner in crime Emard Jenjere was lucky to escape with his life and was treated at Zaka clinic.

Speaking to the press Jenjere  said that it was the second time the two had secretly sneaked into the mine to dig for gold 1.5 meters deep while they were guarding the mine on night shift.

Disaster struck when the mine shaft gave in and the whole mine collapsed, Jenjere was lucky because he was near the exit of the mine and escaped by a whisker.

The discovery of gold deposits in Mapurisa village has triggered a rush by 250 illegal gold panners and police are already on full mode rounding illegal miners.