Fungayi  Moyana

An alleged devil’s advocate pupil has unleashed a wave of mayhem and terror at Nyahombe Secondary School in Chivi South District.

Princess Moyo not real name is said to possess satanic powers that whoever talks to her, shares any school equipment or tries to be friendly with her in no time would be seen collapsing, fainting and choking producing some whitish like liquid out of their mouths.

In an interview with the press Tafadzwa Muzondiwa a fellow classmate said,”This girl is possessed by the darker side as at one time her eyes turned white, her tongue licking in and out like a snake, she screamed that she was thirsty for blood”.

So far a number of students have experienced the same nightmarish fate and this has caused the secondary school to shut down recently as angry parents withdrew their children from going to school in an act of protest.

The satanic girl is said to have transferred from two nearby schools previously in a very short period of time due to unclear circumstances.

Wilson Machingambi Councillor for ward 32 spoke to the press and confirmed that these incidences are true and parents declared that they will not allow their children back to school until this girl is removed from Nyahombe Secondary school.

The deputy head Howard Vulanda declined to comment as the tragic saga continues.