For the first time in the History of the country a Chief for the San Community in Tsholotsho District was appointed yesterday.

Chief Goledema became the inaugural Chief for the community, after being appointed at the 2023 Annual National Chiefs Conference held in Bulawayo yesterday.

Apparently, the newly installed Chief for the San people got his vehicle today and those from Binga as well.

Meanwhile, San people have been marginalised for years, exposing them to living in isolation.

San peoples’ way of life in Southern Africa has always been thought of as based on hunting game and gathering wild edible fruits.

This traditional, nomadic culture has dramatically changed across the region as a result of displacement and land tenure laws that favour permanent settlements while criminalizing game hunting.

Contact between San communities in different countries has also been affected, with the exception of a few San families in Zimbabwe and Botswana who have managed to maintain contact.

Consequently, years of separation from each other and assimilation into different ethnic communities in their respective countries have eroded their socio-cultural norms, language, self-identity, history and beliefs.