G40 faction member and Zimbabwe Minister Samuel Undenge has been accused of lying to the public after he was summoned to High Court by Zanu-PF Highfield legislator Psychology Maziwisa and television personality Oscar Pambuka over an outstanding  fee of $36 000 owed by Zimbabwe Power Company(ZPC) to Fruitful Communications, a company owned by Maziwisa.

Minister Undenge directed Zesa to engage Fruitful Communications and went on to tell reporters that Fruitful Communications was offering its PR services to Zesa for free.

“They are people in public relations and there is no formal contract with anyone and if anyone wants to help for free, we allow them to do that,” he said.

Things came to a halt when  Maziwisa’s company wanted a payment for their service and ZPC refused to pay the bill that amounted to $36 000.

Fruitful Communications claim that they performed some public relations work for ZPC  which was aired on news bulletins on ZBC TV,  Power FM Radio, Radio Zimbabwe, Power FM and National FM.

The power company is now refusing to pay the costs as they want to know how Fruitful Communications arrived at the figure of  $36 000.

The case continues..